To meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we offer a range of real estate investment vehicles.

Segregated Funds

A Segregated Fund is a portfolio of properties selected through a predetermined investment mandate on behalf of an individual client. This provides the investor with maximum flexibility to develop a real estate portfolio that best suits their needs. This vehicle may be closed or open-ended.

Closed-end Pools

A Closed-end Pool consists of a group of investors who contribute capital to a pool. The manager is provided with full discretion to invest funds according to specific criteria and performance expectations over a predetermined time frame. Because the pool has a finite life, investors can expect a return on their investment capital over a defined time period.


Syndications are properties purchased for a group of clients. Canadian Urban takes the lead in identifying appropriate investment opportunities that best match the clients’ risk/return parameters. Large and Intermediate-sized pension plans are the primary investors in Syndications. Syndications offer these pension plans numerous benefits, including: active participation, compatible co-investors, shared investment risk and an enhanced level of diversification.

Direct Placement

A Direct Placement occurs when Canadian Urban develops and implements investment programs tailored specifically to the clients’ needs. Direct placements appeal to investors looking to diversify their real estate holdings and those seeking cost effective placement for larger allocations of real estate.

Open-Ended Fund

Some smaller funds and high net worth individuals are looking for a total package solution. Our open-ended fund provides portfolio management, acquisitions, sales, governance, reporting and oversight. It is based on the core principles that have been instrumental to Canadian Urban’s success.

A key advantage of our open-ended fund is that it offers you greater liquidity as an investor.

This sets it apart from traditional real estate investment, where access to liquidity can be difficult due to the simple fact real estate is not a publicly traded security.

Canadian Urban structures the fund so that investors can sell their units back to the fund within a reasonable period of time. While this fund is intended to provide smaller investors an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of investing with Canadian Urban, a minimum investment of $1.0 million is required to participate.