The Canadian Urban team recognizes that our business has an intrinsic role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations.

We have actively committed to responsibly manage and minimize the environmental impacts of the assets that we proudly own, manage and revitalize.

To ensure we deliver on this vision, through our decisions and in our actions, Canadian Urban has created a Development and Sustainability arm.

As Sustainability rises to a level of greater prominence within the Real Estate investment industry, Canadian Urban will continue to expand our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) tenets. This reflects our longstanding tradition of responsible asset management.

It all begins at home: The Canadian Urban Green Team
The Canadian Urban Green Team has been established to help develop Green initiatives within our company. The team is responsible for engaging all our employees to find innovative ways to “Green our Assets.”

Taking our program to the community

Community engagement is a key component within Canadian Urban’s Sustainability program, and is a reflection of our social commitments.
We are providing lasting opportunities for tomorrow’s youth through our ongoing support of the Edmonton Community Foundation.

As new development and sustainability ideas and opportunities are presented, our list of commitments will continue to grow.

Lets connect

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