Fortifying your commercial real estate portfolio is our business. Each property investment is carefully managed to ensure market-leading portfolio performance. Our team prides itself in delivering institutional-quality asset management reporting standards to our clients and partners.

Canadian Urban’s hands-on approach to asset management revolves around maximizing asset performance. Superior knowledge, innovative client-centric solutions and a commitment to maintaining strong relationships with our tenants form the pillars of our strategy.

We drive efficiencies in each commercial real estate portfolio by seeking improvements in the component parts of each property. Our vertically integrated business model allows our Asset Management team to draw from the expertise of our various practice groups (eg. Investments, Asset Management, Property Management, and Finance.)

As a client or partners of Canadian Urban, you will benefit from:

  • Client-centric solutions built to optimize portfolio performance;
  • A hands-on management style augmented by five decades of operational experience;
  • Our ability to intelligently budget capital improvements, sustainability initiatives, and return-driven strategies;
  • A policy of regularly evaluating hold/sell options in order to enhance portfolio returns and limit downside risk;
  • Institutional-quality reporting standards – aided by rigorous research, industry relationships and best-in-class management practices.

To discuss how our asset management solutions can be tailored towards your portfolio needs, please contact a member of our team.

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We’d love to hear from you to discuss how our solutions can be tailored towards your needs, please contact a member of our team.